Etsy Handmade Portrait

We had the great opportunity to shoot a short video with Tara Young.

Adam and I both suffer from a bit of stage fright so it was pretty funny trying to relax and get coherent sentences out without giggling or losing train of thought (there may have been beer involved).

Thanks so much to the fine people at Etsy for the opportunity!


Tattoo My Heart

I have no tattoos of my own and I don’t have plans for any in the future but I do love seeing the art that others choose for permanence upon their personage.

I was so charmed when Jessica from Spain sent me this photo of her tattoo.  I adore it.   Thank you Jessica!


R.I.P. Harvey Pekar

We are really sad to hear of the news of Harvey Pekar’s passing today.  He and Joyce are personal heroes for both of us.

If you haven’t seen the movie or read the comic  “American Splendor”  I highly recommend it.   I also love “Our Cancer Year” which chronicles Harvey and Joyce’s lives during Harvey’s treatment for lymphoma.

We have had several friends tell us that the American Splendor movie reminds them of us.  We take that as the highest of compliments even though it might be just a fancy way of saying “You two are neurotic”.

Cheers to Harvey and Joyce for your bravery, honesty and originality.

Papier-mâché Cats!

A few months ago we were asked to make some 1960’s – 1970’s inspired papier-mache candle holders for a book coming out next year.  Sadly the projects didn’t make final approval for the book but we’re really happy how they came out.  All the materials are recycled: glass, cardboard, and newspaper.  The designs are loosely inspired by textile designer Alexander Girard.

One of our most frequently asked questions is which one of us works on which part of each project.  The answer is that we take turns doing different things.

The above three cat candle holders were made by Quincy. They are papier-mache covered glass that can be used as a candle holder or a bud vase but we kind of like them just as little sculptures.

This fine feline fellow is made with a beer bottle covered with cardboard from a six pack that is then covered with a light amount of papier-mache.  A candle votive or led candle votive fits nicely into the top of it’s head.   This and the following red version were made by Adam

Cardboard structure with led votive prior to papier-mache.

This chartreuse kitty with a bow tie is a slightly more traditional papier-mache cat.  It is made from a wine bottle and holds a candle stick in it’s head.  Adam did the papier-mache work and Quincy painted it.

This blue cat was built over a battery operated plastic candelabra.  The light turns on and off by turning the bulb.

We don’t typically work in this medium so it was really fun to try out a different process.

It’s a shiny new blog & and a group show!

Adam & I have been terrible keeping up with blogging.  Our last post was over a year ago.  I hate being one of those bloggers who apologizes for lack of posts so this is the last time. (I’m clearly lying to you.)

A lot has happened since we last wrote but for now we will begin with the most recent news.  So excited to be in a group show at Renegade Handmade Spotlight Series Gallery in Chicago.  The opening party is on June 26th. We are so sad we won’t be able to make it because it has an amazing group of artists.